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Bathroom Installation and Repair Service in Dublin.

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Sometimes in life a family will outgrow their current home. When the family keeps getting bigger it is at times a good idea to add on. Some homeowners add structures onto their house such as garages, extra floors, and extra rooms. Often a family needs to add another bathroom to their house. Bathroom installation requires a lot of expertise in a number of different skilled trades. This is a project that you literally should not try at home! Well, at least not without calling in the professionals. We specialize in bathroom projects and an estimate is just a phone call away!

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Bathroom Solutions Dublin

Any problems you may have with your current bathroom does have a solution. Our team of experts will come up with the best and most cost effective ways to fix whatever you don't currently like about anything inside your bathroom. The best solutions may be going with a new color theme. Or maybe you need to get newer sinks, toilets, etc. Our team can search a number of suppliers to find the items that fit your bathroom the best. Call us any time for solutions to your
bathroom problems.

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Complete Bathroom Solutions

We solve the whole problem not just part of it! Even if it takes demolishing the whole bathroom and installing everything brand new, we will do what it takes to make your bathroom perfect for your lifestyle. Our professional team is experienced in completing everything a bathroom could need from tile to flooring to installing a new bath tub. We can also replace or add vanities and sinks. Our team will solve your bathroom problems from adding a shower to painting the right color scheme. Call us today to learn more about our complete bathroom solutions.

Bathroom Renovations Dublin

Once you decide what changes you want made to your bathroom we can take care of all the renovations. We can re position things in the bathroom such as the toilet or perhaps expand the bathroom by moving out some walls. If all new everything is what you want we can come in and pull out the old toilet, tub, sink and vanity and replace them all with new ones of your choice. Whether you just don't like your old bathroom or age has worn it out sometimes a change for the better is needed. We can complete all of the work involved in a complete bathroom renovation to your specific instructions. Call us Emergency Plumbers  today to get that new whirlpool spa tub installed or add another sink and shower.

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Professional Bathroom Renovations Dublin

When getting major renovations done to a bathroom at your home or business it is best to hire a crew of proven professionals. There is a lot involved in renovating a bathroom and it is a must that which ever company you hire is experienced and certified to do the various tasks involved. We have a very experienced team and a proven track record of jobs completed. We know all of the ins and outs of any bathroom project and can bring our expertise to your home. Call us today for our professional bathroom renovation services.

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Bathroom Installation Service

Our bathroom experts can also install new bathrooms in your home as well as renovate an old one. Often times an extra bathroom is needed to accommodate a growing family. We have the experience to help you place everything in your new bathroom and do the entire installation job. We would start with running all of the needed plumbing to the new location. We then would start installing and sealing in place all of the bathroom items i.e. bathtub/shower, toilet, sink/vanity, gas boiler etc. The last steps to a bathroom installation project are the flooring and the final paint. If you want a new bathroom installed give us a call today!

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Professional Bathroom Fitters

We have on our crew a team of professional bathroom fitters that each have over twenty years of experience. When it comes to putting a bathroom in a new construction home or into an addition our professional fitters are some of the best in all of Dublin. They can complete the entire bathroom from the plumbing to tile to floors. And they will complete the whole process with you standing over their shoulder knit-picking their every decision. Our team will install a bathroom that you can completely customize down to every detail yourself. Our crew will work closely with you to make sure that the final product is everything you had dreamed it would be. Any time you attempt any complicated construction project such as a bathroom you must call in our professional bathroom fitters. Call us today and we will help you begin your project.

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