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Oil Boiler Replacement and Repair Services

Quality Boiler Parts

While gas boilers are more than likely the better cost option for both the boiler and its running costs, not every homeowner has the option. In rural areas or other places that are off the national gas grid, homeowners mostly choose to heat with oil.

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Replacing Your Boiler

Even when new, the efficiency level of your oil boiler would have been far lower than that of a new boiler today. If it's been more than fifteen years since you had it replaced, wear and tear over that time will have caused, at best, your boiler to be running at 70% efficiency. Today, boilers operate at 90% efficiency meaning that you save 25% of your present fuel costs. A new boiler represents:

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    Greater efficiency
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    Fuel cost savings
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    A government grant towards the cost under the Better Energy Homes scheme - see www.seai.ie/betterenergyhomes.
Gas boiler machine
Quality Boiler Parts

Your present boiler is likely to become unreliable and may even breakdown in the middle of the winter. So, it's probably a good idea to get some quotes now and replace it before you absolutely have to. If possible, it should be a condensing boiler since they are most efficient.

Building Standards, in fact, require boilers to be condensing now unless their installation is not feasible. They use less fuel and are less expensive to run generally because they extract additional heat from the combustion gases. The increased efficiency also means that the condensing boiler emits less carbon thereby helping to reduce global warming.

Selecting a combi boiler is also a good move – your water will be heated at the same time as your radiators, giving you hot water whenever you need it.

Ensure that you call qualified installers to get quotes on oil boiler replacement cost. They will assess your home's heating requirements and ensure that you have a cost effective new boiler that is correctly sized for your home and operates with maximum efficiency. As with any work being done in your home, always make sure that the installer is fully insured and experienced.

After installation, your new oil boiler should be given annual health, safety, efficiency and electrical checks, with warranty on service.

Fixing Broken Boiler
How Fast Do You Need A Plumber?

Residential Boiler Prices

Prices for home oil boilers range from about €1,200 to over €3,000 depending on the size and heating requirements of your home.

Basic home boiler installation requires fitting the new boiler, cleaning and flushing the system, fitting remote acting fire valves and thermostats for heating and hot water and all required checks of the system so that everything meets current ETCI/IEE regulations. This usually costs €1,500 to €2,000.

Some of the cost of residential boilers can be refunded under the Better Energy Homes scheme.

Oil Boiler Repair

Oil boiler repairs are usually caused by corrosion of parts by fuel and water. New parts, such as burners, heat exchanges, fuel lines, etc. when repaired individually result in bills upwards of €500. Annual servicing can lower the risk of suddenly having to face such expense. The technician carries out various tests on your boiler. Soot created from the combustion process is removed and adjustments are made to optimize combustion and safety controls are checked. This provides for optimal efficiency, lower fuel costs and minor faults being found and rectified before they become serious. If repairs are needed, you'll be given a quote.

Fixing Broken Boiler

For further on boiler service and repair, call us or use the contact link below.

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