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Why It Is Important to Get a Electric Boiler Service Regularly?

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Not all homes are equipped with gas and many residences in the Dublin area use an electric boiler for heating. Electric boilers are built differently than gas boilers and require special knowledge when attempting a repair. Once upon a time, it was rather difficult to find a company that would repair or service electric boilers. Most HVAC companies know only gas and electric ran heating systems are different.

How Fast Do You Need A Plumber?

The boiler in any home is the life source of the structure. Being the source of the heating system, boilers heat up the air that gets pumped through the ventilation system in the house. If a boiler gets broken at the wrong time the house may get deathly cold. Just like any other appliance or piece of machinery, boilers need to be properly taken care of in order to stay running for years and years. However, this is definitely one of those jobs that is best left to the professionals. We are experienced with boilers and heating systems of all kinds and we want to help you stay warm! Call us now!

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Heating Services & Repair

Having a HVAC specialist on speed dial can come in handy during many occasions. During the home construction process a certified HVAC installer can help come up with the best and most efficient way of heating the structure. If you ever decide to add-on or re-model your home a heating services company can re-route your ventilation system so that you have heat in the new area. If a room seems too cold to you, our experts can come in and figure out how to add heat to a particular dwelling.

Let's face it folks, nothing lasts forever and no matter how well designed and built something is, it will still eventually break. The heating system in your home is no different! Most people have had an incident where their furnace went out one time and had to be repaired. Our team of emergency specialists will show up at any hour of the day and figure out the problem with the heating system. Sometimes problems have to do with clogged drain vents or vacuum inlets or some type of ventilation related issue. Other times the boiler, the life source, needs to be repaired or even replaced. Call us Emergency Plumbing service for your next need for heating services & repair whether its installing a new system or repairing the old.

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Electric Boiler Servicing

In order to prevent an unexpected outage in heat, boilers tend to last longer if they get serviced properly. Along with the general maintenance checklist, other things need to be checked and serviced on electric boilers. Many wear and tear type things can happen to a boiler over time. A good service man knows what to look for and how to fix the issue.

At times soot can build up in vital areas of the boiler and cause problems. Other times, electrical connections can go bad and cause issues. Many boilers have a system of vaccum houses, and if they get clogged the boiler will not work properly. An experienced heating & boiler services company will come out and start by checking all of the basic functions on the electric boiler. They will make sure it ignites and turns off like it is supposed to. They will also use temperature gauges to see if the air the boiler is pumping out is hot enough. If anything is out of the ordinary, call our team and we will know what is causing the problem and most likely be able to fix the issue before it gets worse.

Boiler Service And Maintaining Your Electric Boiler

As well as getting your boiler serviced on a regular basis, there is also general maintenance that must be completed in order for the heater to heat correctly. Many boilers have filters inside them that must be checked quite regularly. If the filter gets too full of dirt the boiler may not heat up like it should. Every six months to a year the filter wears out and needs to be replaced. The heating system's intake should also be checked on a regular basis. Dirt can gather up over the intake's screen over time and may need to be cleaned occasionally.

Making sure the air flows through the boiler is a key to maintaining it. It is also a good idea that the basic on and off functions are working correctly. Regularly checking to see if any electrical connections are visibly loose is also a good idea. Being aware if the air coming out of the vents isn't as hot as it should be is also important when maintaining a boiler. If you do your own boiler maintenance make sure to call us if any of the things mentioned aren't working and we will come assess the situation.

Fixing Broken Boiler
How Fast Do You Need A Plumber?

Why Is Boiler Maintenance So Important?

If the proper maintenance is not taken care of on a boiler the chances of it breaking are higher. If the boiler is not working to the specifications the factory designed it for than problems are due to arise. Sometimes problems that start out small can turn into an issue that might end the life of your boiler before it was meant to go. Electric boilers aren't the cheapest appliance to replace so making old ones last is important. Good news though, you can call us and we will complete all of the necessary general boiler maintenance for you.

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What Are The Benefits Of An Annual, Professional Boiler Service?

It is usually the case with any type of home repair or appliance maintenance that it is best to leave it to the professionals. Having a professional heating system service crew come out to your house every year and give your boiler the proper servicing and maintenance could possibly save you thousands in the future. The pro's will make sure everything is running as best as it can and will try to make the life source of your heating system help sustain your life for as long as possible. Call us today and schedule your annual boiler service call!

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