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​Oil Boiler Replacement and Repair Services

When You Need To Replace Your Boiler

While gas boilers are more than likely the better cost option for both the boiler and its running costs, not every homeowner has the option. In rural areas or other places that are off the national gas grid, homeowners mostly choose to heat with oil.

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Replacing Your Boiler

Even when new, the efficiency level of your oil boiler would have been far lower than that of a new boiler today. If it's been more than fifteen years since you had it replaced, wear and tear over that time will have caused, at best, your boiler to be running at 70% efficiency. Today, boilers operate at 90% efficiency meaning that you save 25% of your present fuel costs. A new boiler represents:

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    Greater efficiency
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    Fuel cost savings.
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    A government grant towards the cost under the Better Energy Homes scheme - see www.seai.ie/betterenergyhomes.

Your present boiler is likely to become unreliable and may even breakdown in the middle of the winter. So, it's probably a good idea to get some quotes now and replace it before you absolutely have to. If possible, it should be a condensing boiler since they are most efficient.

Building Standards, in fact, require boilers to be condensing now unless their installation is not feasible. They use less fuel and are less expensive to run generally because they extract additional heat from the combustion gases. The increased efficiency also means that the condensing boiler emits less carbon thereby helping to reduce global warming.

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Oil Boiler Replacements and installations

If you need an oil boiler replacement or installations in Ireland then we are the best you can get. We have expert engineers who are well capable of replacing oil boilers and give you professional advice on the best boilers in the market. We have a very competitive pricing policy and we don’t charge any hidden fees or costs.

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We are always delighted to provide our customers with free no obligation quotes for the boiler models that suit their needs best. Our team is fully qualified and we always guarantee our work. Call out experts today or fill in out a form and we will be more than glad to be of service.

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